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Claddagh Farm LLC

Sales & Service

Education and customer support continue to be our focus. Supporting our customers and helping them find answers to their questions is important to us.

**Check our sales list- we can create a package to meet your needs and your budget. Call or text to schedule

**Tours are limited and by appointment ONLY for the healthy and safety of our animals. Schedule here

**Store is open by appointment only - schedule here

Note- dogs terrify the alpacas so please leave pets home or in the car.

THANK YOU for supporting our small business!

We're breeders of alpacas of COLOR & our herd is growing nicely. As white is dominant, it doesn't always work the way we'd like. We focus on producing alpacas with improved fiber quality with each generation. Our 20+ acre farm is located in LaFayette, NY - just minutes south of Syracuse, NY. We open for the season in April and close Jan 1st. Farm tour are limited for the well being of our animals . Use the scheduling button above.
The farm shop is open by appointment ONLY - just call or text and we'll work something out as we're not always available.

We also have alpacas for sale and can help you find the alpaca(s) for you from other farms if ours don't meet your needs.

Shearing is in May and babies will be arriving anytime from June thru early August. Connect with us on Facebook to see the new arrivals when they show up.

The “Safety in Agricultural Tourism Act,” now part of New York’s General Obligations Law (“GOL”), provides that owners and operators of agricultural tourism areas “shall not be liable for an injury to or death of a visitor if the provisions of General Obligations Law Section 18-303(1)(a). Please note signage posted in accordance to this law.

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