Education and customer support continue to be our focus. Supporting our customers and We're breeders of alpacas of COLOR & our herd is growing nicely. We also have alpacas for sale and can help you find the alpaca(s) for you from other farms if ours don't meet your needs.

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Sales Representative

I'll help you sell

Pricing varies 1) 10% of selling price if I bring the buyer to you 2) 25% of selling price if the alpaca is on my farm & I bring a buyer - this does not include board for the alpaca which will be at $3 a day for any staying longer than a week.

I have buyers contact me frequently, I do my best to find a good fit for them with available alpacas that will fit their needs. Additionally, I provide mentoring for the buyers new to alpacas.

If you have alpacas to sell, provide me with their pertinent details including a recent histogram and current photos along with price and I'll be able to include them in my search when people reach out to me. I will mark up your price by 10% and present any offer below your asking but above your reserve price. I often can package them with other alpacas which meet the buyer's needs so some flexibility will be needed. DO explore the prices set for other similar alpacas to get a general idea by looking on Openherd- keep in mind, pricing will vary across the country so keep your search in your general area for the best info.

Message me (Sarah Lamanna) at with questions.