Education and customer support continue to be our focus. Supporting our customers and We're breeders of alpacas of COLOR & our herd is growing nicely. We also have alpacas for sale and can help you find the alpaca(s) for you from other farms if ours don't meet your needs.

Claddagh Farm LLC

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Boarding/Agisting available

Need a place for your 'pacas?

$4 per day payable by the 5th of each month. Invoicing via Square. $3 per day for animal(s) purchased from our herd.

"Room & Board" provided - free-choice hay grown on our farm, pasture, run-in barn, monthly m-worm shot, & mineral supplement. Additional medication(s), vet treatment, shearing, feed not included.

Animals to be quarantined 3 weeks before added to our herd. Fecal done on arrival and treated as needed with a recheck before joining our animals.